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PA28X 28000mAh 2.1A

Product Specification:

Color Length Weight
white188*92*37.5 mm750g

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【Product introduction】

Specially designed for the 3C products’ heavy users!!

In car battery charger PA28X is newly released to Power Extra series.

It is suitable to car inflator, car vacuum cleaner, wax poliser, 12V Netbook, car recorder, GPS, PDA, MP3, Ipad, iphone, camera, and Bluetooth devices and can provide electricity up to 28000 mah with output voltage 5V/2.1A*2

Its 12V/3A output can become a 12V output by connecting the accessory, (EXTENSION CORD TO DC PLUG 3.5*1.1MM.)

It can not only be used in various cars but also solve the insufficient electricity problem.

With the considerate design, patent clamp, even space limited PA28X can be used much easier in car.

Users can also load the GPS or 3C devices on PA28X for solving the problem of too long transmission cable in car at the same time.

The sweet design, 1/4”screw hole, in the back of PA28X can help to fix it with the car holder without being shaken strongly even in unstable driving.

This charger is mostly suitable and recommended to drivers as well as the heavy users of electricity in car.



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Type of battery Li-polymer battery
Electric capacity 28000mAh
LED light: white light
Input: DC 12V / 3A (AC Adapter power cord)
Time of charge: Less then 6h (after discharging totally)

Output voltage : 5V/2.1A*2(USB PORT)AND 12V/3A output
Indicator of charge: red (charging) /green (90% full)
Indicator of use time: Varied by different electric devices
Weight/ Volume: 750g / 188*92*37.5 mm

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