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Power bank-Hexagon 26/52/104

Product Specification:

Color Length Weight

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【Product introduction】
Dimensions: 70mm (L) X 33mm (W) X 23mm (H) 1 cell
93mm (L) X 43mm (W) X 23mm (H) 2 cells
108mm (L) X 78mm (W) X 25mm (H) 4 cells
Available in 3350mAh, 6700mAh, 13400mAh 18650 Battery Cells
P7-HEX-26/52: Input: 1A @ 5VDC (Micro USB)
Output: 1A @ 5VDC (USB-A)
P7-HEX-104: Input: Up to 2A @ 5VDC (Micro USB)
Output: 1A @ 5VDC (USB-A1) 2.4A @ 5VDC (USB-A2)
4 LEDs for Battery Status with a Multifunction Button
Built-in protection features for overheat, short-circuit and overcharge /discharge.
Built-in Flashlight feature for emergency use
Adaptive Charging Output for maximum compatibility
Auto On/Off Features for convenient usage and energy saving
Supports most USB charging sources
Ideal for long flights or anytime your device might run out of power
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